Giving + Learning

Mission Statement:

The goal of Giving + Learning is to match volunteers  with English language learners in order to foster a welcoming community for newcomers to the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Weekly learning and tutoring opportunities

Every Saturday and Sunday 4-6 pm, learners and tutors gather at The WE Center (15-21st Street South, Suite 102, Fargo) to give and learn. Learners come working on a variety of skills: basic English, advanced English, CNA test prep, Citizenship Test Prep, Driver’s License test prep, some math, resumes, etc. Tutors from NDSU, Concordia, MSUM and the community come to share their expertise but also learn from the learners.

Wednesday evening learners and tutors gather at Ed Clapp Elementary School in Fargo, 3131 28th St SW.  Same skills, sometimes same learners and tutors! Families especially welcome here, but we can do K-12 tutoring at both locations. 

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Summer 2017: Giving + Learning Opportunities

Giving + Learning offers drop-in tutoring every Saturday and Sunday from 4-6 pm at the WE Center (15-21st Street South, Fargo, Suite 102).  All learners are welcome: English language learners, citizenship test preparation, driver’s permit test preparation, GED test preparation.  We have materials to support all these activities, and experienced tutors to work alongside the learners. If you are interested in learning or tutoring, just drop in (no pre-registration needed) or contact Kevin Brooks in advance. The WE Center is open Monday-Friday 9-5.


Giving + Learning also arranges in-home matches to meet the needs of learners who are not able to attend classes or weekend tutoring, and to meet the busy schedule of volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer or request a tutor, see the links in the top banner.

Concordia Presentation, March 26

I am an English professor, but not an ELL specialist.
  • Came to this work by volunteering with Giving + Learning, which I now run.
  • I tutored a Somali couple, gave and LEARNED, wanted to keep the program going. Giving + Learning 1.0 (2001-11), Giving + Learning 2.0 (2014-present).
  • I haven’t met an ELL tutor or teacher who hasn’t loved their work.
I also want to thank you for inviting me to Concordia.  Giving + Learning was started by former Cobber Spanish professor, Michele McCrae, and my work the past three years has been wonderfully supported by Concordia students.
  • Anne Savereide (Concordia 2014) was a super tutor from Jan 2015 until she left the community fall 2016.
  • Libby Hardwick has done fabulous social media and communication work for Giving + Learning and the New American Consortium for Wellness and Empowerment.
  • Sara Thofson has filled Libby’s shoes beautifully the past six months or so, and is playing an essential role in advancing our fundraising efforts.
But I had better get on with my presentation.
Two part presentation:
  1. Define non-literate and pre-literate learners, and how they are different from other groups of learners; look at a few strategies for working with these learners.
  2. Look at resources for non-literate, semi-literate, and emerging readers and writers with high interest, low ability.

Volunteers welcome and supported!

Although we are heading into the busy holiday season, it is never to late to consider being a Giving + Learning volunteer. We have weekend drop-in sessions Saturdays 4-6 pm at The WE Center (15-21st Street South Fargo); we are collaborating with Ed Clapp Elementary School on an “International Family Learning Night” starting Wednesday Nov. 16th, 6:00 pm, and we arrange for in-home matches when those hard and fast times don’t work for volunteers or learners.

Volunteers and learners are frequently supported by New Readers Press materials, and the ProLiteracy has a wealth of materials and trainings for anyone looking to add depth to their teaching and tutoring.

If your holiday season is simply too busy this year, but your heart is telling you “yes, I want to do this,” just be sure to make volunteering with Giving + Learning a New Year’s Resolution.

Literacy Network in Madison, WI

Just learned about the good work of the Literacy Network in Madison, WI, where they provide classes, one-on-one tutoring, computer literacy support, and a health literacy program. Great model to learn from!

Weekend Giving + Learning at the WE Center

Tutors and learners are having a great time every Saturday and Sunday.  Feel free to drop in whenever you are available: no training needed, good materials will support the work.


ELL and Mentoring Volunteer Opportunities in the FM Area

2017 opportunities have been updated.

Giving + Learning

Three great ELL and mentoring volunteer opportunities in the FM Area for 2016.

African Initiative for Progress: AIP is looking for mentors to work with New American students at Fargo South High School and Davies High School. Mentoring may include some ELL support, broader homework support, or more general life mentoring. AIP training is available.

Contact: Christian Harris, Executive Director, AIP: 701-491-0628

Giving + Learning: in-home or school English Language tutoring for an individual, couple, or family. Basic commitment: one hour a week, at a time that is convenient for you and your partner. Primarily adults; some high school tutoring opportunities available. Learners are typically looking for help with:
• English
• Studying for the driver’s permit test
• Studying for the citizenship test
• Homework (in the case of high school students)

In-home at a time convenient for you and the learner.
The WE Center, Saturday…

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The WE Center’s Resource Map for the FM Area

The WE Center has put together a fabulous resource map for the FM Area; links to service locations including health, education, and job services.  Will try to figure out how to embed it eventually!

Tips for one-on-one tutors

Impressive list of suggestions for one-on-one tutors from the Minnesota Literacy Council!

The Welcoming Weeking (Sept. 12-20) schedule as a bookmark.