The Medium is the Message on Voting Day

A six year old Giving + Learning friendship has a role on election day.

Kevin Brooks

Election season has become pretty distasteful for many Americans as the parties polarize and the big money brings the nasty, but today my 56 year old friend, Faizil, got to vote for the first time—and he was ecstatic. He called me Monday to make sure I would pick him up today. He and his wife Ardo were dressed and ready to go when I arrived 10 minutes early. No bid deal, right, except that Faizil’s English is still developing, so calling me is a bit of a challenge, and Faizil is in a wheel chair, his left side almost immobile due to the 14 bullets he took as a teenager in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. He was not only dressed and ready, but he was wearing shiny new dress shoes, slacks, and a new hoodie covering most of his head and face because he really doesn’t like to go…

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