Today’s Tutor Tips

via Washtenaw Literacy Site 

Here are a number of tutoring tips that will provide resources for teachers in the ESL classroom to feel more confident:

1) Activate prior knowledge.
Find a topic in which the learner are knowledgeable or interested in. This will help engage the learners into the lessons and will excite them to talk about what they know and will learn/read from the new vocabulary.

2) Good tutoring is repetition without boredom.
People need to do something over and over to become expert or fluent. To build confidence, improve usage and increase fluency. As well, try to find new ways to incorporate the repetition, it will cause the learners to have more fun with the activity.

3) Everyone has heard the adage “less is more”.
This is a guiding principal for tutors especially when using paper lessons or making worksheets.  Put less on a page and make the font bigger. Make multiple pages, if you would like, but only hand them out one at a time. Number all items so that it’s less confusing to refer to an item.

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