Today’s Tutor Tips

“Adult ESL literacy is a learning-centered classroom – learning to learn is crucial for success of the learners with the literacy needs!” 

When teaching adult learners, we want to encourage and provide progress in their literacy. Here are a following list of teaching tips directed by Teaching2LearnESL Blog that will help us do just that:

1) “Choose tasks that provide opportunities for collaboration.” Allowing learners help teach other learners is a beneficial tool for the ESL students to both understand and progress in their education. Include activities where learners of either similar or different literacy levels work together. That way, both are able to learn more from each other!

 2. “Before introducing written text, make sure that there is a lot of oral practice: drill, chant, sing, clap, move the bodies as much as necessary.” Repetition via word of mouth is another tip when tutoring ESL learners.
 3. “Select tasks that allow for heterogeneity, that can be easily adapted to different levels of complexity to support learners with lower literacy and challenge those who are self-directed.” This will help lower the work load on the tutor, while also allowing the learners to learn on a similar playing field.

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