Today’s Tutor Tips

Today’s Tutors’ Tip includes activities on how to promote thinking out loud to ESL learners. The Minnesota Literacy Council encourages to use common day reading texts such as a “brochure, advertisement, street map, or assembly instructions” in order to fulfill this activity and then uses the following steps:


1.     Select one of the texts and project it for the class to see.

2.     Model how to preview the text by looking at its parts, graphics and so on. As you do so, out loud, say what you know and don’t know about the text.

3.     Describe any connections you make to your background experiences.

4.     Read the text out loud and pause when you are confused.

5.     Explain out loud what you are doing to try to address your confusion.

6.     Describe any problem-solving processes you use as you read.

7.     Continue reading.

8.     After you finish reading, ask students to turn and talk to a neighbor about what they saw you doing.

9.     Select another text and repeat step 2. Then ask students what they know and don’t know about the text.

10.  Repeat steps 3-6 for the first section of the text. Ask students what they are thinking about as they along with you.

11.  Invite a student to read the next section and think aloud.  Ask this student what she is thinking and doing as she reads.

12.  Repeat step 11 by inviting other students to read each section of the text.

13.  Assign pairs of students.

14.  Give the class copies of the text. They take turns reading it aloud again in pairs, using the think aloud strategy as they do so.


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