Today’s Tutor Tips

Today’s Tutor Tips brings about the discussion of using warm ups prior to the lesson during one’s class time. For this topic, I looked at Heads Up English’s blog post entitled, “The Importance of Warming Up Students” found here.

After reading their thoughts, I gathered together some of the main ideas on the importance of warm ups and how they can be used within the ESL classroom and listed them in the following:

1. Warm ups can set the tone for the class time. Instead of the learners becoming bored of the main lesson, Heads Up English believes that a warm up activity should be used in order to proved an exciting activity that will get the learners engaged in upcoming lesson plan.

2. Warm ups can serve as a springboard into the topic or target language of the lesson. This can be true when one is presenting new material during that class, but wants to ease into it in a fun and easy way.

3. Warm ups can be used as understanding daily conversations. By using warm ups before class, it can give the learners an opportunity to practice their conversational skills with each other.

Ultimately, by using warm ups prior to class, learners are able to understand their upcoming lesson or new material in a more enjoyable and applicable manner. Heads Up English also ends their blog post with some final comments on the logistics of a warm up. For more on that, check out their page here.

Let us know if you have any experience in using warm ups in your ESL classroom!

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