Volunteers welcome and supported!

Although we are heading into the busy holiday season, it is never to late to consider being a Giving + Learning volunteer. We have weekend drop-in sessions Saturdays 4-6 pm at The WE Center (15-21st Street South Fargo); we are collaborating with Ed Clapp Elementary School on an “International Family Learning Night” starting Wednesday Nov. 16th, 6:00 pm, and we arrange for in-home matches when those hard and fast times don’t work for volunteers or learners.

Volunteers and learners are frequently supported by New Readers Press materials, and the ProLiteracy has a wealth of materials and trainings for anyone looking to add depth to their teaching and tutoring.

If your holiday season is simply too busy this year, but your heart is telling you “yes, I want to do this,” just be sure to make volunteering with Giving + Learning a New Year’s Resolution.

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