Concordia Presentation, March 26

I am an English professor, but not an ELL specialist.
  • Came to this work by volunteering with Giving + Learning, which I now run.
  • I tutored a Somali couple, gave and LEARNED, wanted to keep the program going. Giving + Learning 1.0 (2001-11), Giving + Learning 2.0 (2014-present).
  • I haven’t met an ELL tutor or teacher who hasn’t loved their work.
I also want to thank you for inviting me to Concordia.  Giving + Learning was started by former Cobber Spanish professor, Michele McCrae, and my work the past three years has been wonderfully supported by Concordia students.
  • Anne Savereide (Concordia 2014) was a super tutor from Jan 2015 until she left the community fall 2016.
  • Libby Hardwick has done fabulous social media and communication work for Giving + Learning and the New American Consortium for Wellness and Empowerment.
  • Sara Thofson has filled Libby’s shoes beautifully the past six months or so, and is playing an essential role in advancing our fundraising efforts.
But I had better get on with my presentation.
Two part presentation:
  1. Define non-literate and pre-literate learners, and how they are different from other groups of learners; look at a few strategies for working with these learners.
  2. Look at resources for non-literate, semi-literate, and emerging readers and writers with high interest, low ability.

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