About G+L

Giving + Learning is an in-home tutoring service that aims to bring volunteers to the homes of adult ELLs who may have difficulty traveling to receive English tutoring, or learners who work when classes are available.

The original goal of Giving + Learning in 2001 was to mobilize the gifts of older Americans to provide English as a Second Language and other educational opportunities to new Americans in the Fargo-Moorhead community. As the program grew, Giving + Learning was fortunate to receive volunteers of all ages.  Volunteer mentors typically tutor for at least one hour per week; they are highly appreciated and always needed.

The FM metro area welcomes more than 400 refugees each year, all of whom would benefit from getting to know more Americans or permanent residents.  These new arrivals (and even those who have been here for years) would be grateful for opportunities to learn and practice English, but also learn more about our cities, our holidays and customs, our foods, and of course our weather. Some might need help studying for their driver’s permit test, Certified Nursing Assistant exams, or citizenship test. Tutors might get to learn about the lives of people from Bhutan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq or Afghanistan; you might get to drink the best tea you have ever tasted; you will be inspired by seeing the perseverance and courage of these New Americans.

If you have one hour a week that you can commit to meeting with an individual or family in their home, Giving + Learning can provide you with tutoring strategies, support materials, and ongoing guidance to ensure a successful match.

Sign Up: We have created an online form for volunteers to fill out.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DUrfkC-AQK_kLjP25hZpFzfTOCzBvco5yAeeNbpYiYA/viewform

We have also created an online form for tutor requests. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dvTfhWkOx__xU1mV3Jmikz-Pc4FFchqO_e2REB9z_I4/viewform

If you have questions and/or need more information, please contact Dr. Kevin Brooks.



Department of English

North Dakota State University

Bush Fellow, 2013-15


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