Become a Tutor

What is Giving + Learning asking you to do?

a) Work with an ELL / New American at least one hour per week, in their home. Your partner(s) might need help with learning the Roman alphabet, improving their conversational and written English, filling out job applications, preparing for the driver’s permit test or studying for the citizenship test preparation. If this is all you do, wonderful.  If you can do “b,” it stands for bonus!

b) Keep in touch with Giving + Learning: report progress, challenges, tell us what materials and approaches work well, which ones don’t, ask questions, ask for additional materials.

Ready to sign up?  We have created an online form for volunteers to fill out.

Please complete the background check form that will enable Giving + Learning to do a background check in North Dakota.  You can complete the form electronically and email it to, you can return it to 318 Mindard Hall, NDSU if you are on campus, or mail it to Giving + Learning c/o Kevin Brooks, 1418 6th Street South, Fargo ND 58103.  If you have lived other places in the past five years, please email that information to Kevin Brooks or indicated other residencies on the back of the ND form.


Next training session: TBD.


Giving + Learning accepts volunteers anytime; we do not require, only recommend, that you take one of our training sessions early during your time as a tutor.

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