Citizenship Test Prep

Tutors helping with citizenship test preparation have some good materials available to work with. 

1. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website explains the testing process (civics test, reading test, writing test), has videos that illustrate the process, and has study materials available for download.  They also have an online practice test.
2. Either of these two books can provide slightly more guided instruction through the citizenship material, and they double up as English Language Learning textbooks, so even though they just re-packed the free material from above, they are a good value. They can be purchased through Amazon on Barnes and Noble Online; probably other vendors as well.

  • Voices of Freedom: English and Civics for U.S. Citizenship (with Audio CDs) (4th Edition) [Paperback] (Approx. $30)
  • Citizenship Now! With Audio And Video. Approx. $30.

3. The Citizenship 201X App in iTunes and Google Play (Purple Buttons LLC) is free and works well: flash cards, study guide, practice test.  If you try other apps, let us know what works for you and your partners.

4. A list of possible dictation sentences (from the Bush era administration so it needs some updating):
Pedagogical suggestions:
  • Rather than study all 100 civics questions front to back or dictation sentences 1-50, group the questions into 5s or 10s, practice and repeat, practice and repeat, practice and repeat.  The learner doesn’t need to master all 10 before you move on, but give the learner enough time to really learn the material, rather than rush to cover the material.
  • Take time to talk about the answers (and practice conversational English in the process), explain what needs explaining, help the learner really understand the material rather than just memorize answers.
  • Even when the learner gets a practice answer correct, rather than say just “right” or “correct,” try to repeat the answer in order to model pronunciation and re-enforce the learning.  I.e., “That right: the flag’s three colors are red, white, and blue.”


Learners can listen on their own to practice dictation sentences, if they can access this file.

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