Driver’s Permit Prep

To help learners with preparation for their driver’s permit test, encourage them to:

1. Attend the Driver’s Permit class at the Fargo Adult Literacy Center, Wednesdays from 12:30 – 2:30.

2a. Visit the North Dakota Department of Transportation website and access the ND Noncommercial Driver’s License Manual: 

2b. Visit the Minnesota Driver and Vehicles Services site and use their Driver’s Handbook if you are working with someone in Minnesota.

3. Read the ND Noncommercial Driver’s License Manual (the document to be studied before taking the Permit Test):

4. Try another online testing site like  This site has lots of ads but asks good questions.

5. Download an app that asks good questions.  In the Mac APP Store, the application Driver’s Ed ($2.99) might give learners a more interactive and engaging way to study than reading the manual.  The same app is likely available for android and in Google Play.   The Iowa DOT’s app is likely helpful.

6. Go on a drive with you. Talk about signs and rules of the road.  Have fun together.

7. Try running the manual you are using through Google Translate if the English learner’s home language is available on Google Translate.

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