Printable Version: 1_AlphabetNumbers

Learning Goals:

– Learner will be able to recite the entire English alphabet from memory

– Learner will be able to count 0 – 100


Materials: pen/paper, iPod/iPad, computer, Monopoly money (toy money)


Review: Can the learner write their name? How about the alphabet?


Overview: A lot of the core concepts of English will be easier if the learner understands the English alphabet and numeral system.



I. Practice introductions

e.g. “Hello, my name is ______”; “Nice to meet you. My name is _____”; “I’m from_____”


II. Ask for alphabet in home language

a. Listen for pronunciations

b. Note how it is different from English alphabet


III. The English alphabet

a. Present each letter in its upper case first

*Be mindful of what font you use – Comic Sans is a good choice

b. Once the upper case is mastered, move on to lower case

c. App: English Letter Tracer – assists learner in writing letters


IV. English Numeral System

a. Start with 0 – 10; Write each number and have learner repeat after you

b. Further practice: Gather items around learner’s home (pencils, paperclips, etc.) and put them in stack to count; make a phone call and have learner identify the right numbers on the phone to enter

c. Continue on through 100

d. Bring in fake money (e.g. Monopoly money) to help with counting larger numbers

e. Explain larger intervals (thousand, hundred thousand, etc.)



I. Phonics Practice:

a. For each letter, present a word(s) and pronounce the sound the first letter makes: e.g. “bat” – pronounce “b” and have learner repeat back – now say “bat”

b. Create a list: For each letter, record a small sample of words that correspond to the letter’s sound – you will have multiple sounds for some letters (e.g. long and short “a”)

c. Make sure learner understands that how you say the letter in the alphabet does not always correspond to the sound the letter makes in a word


Summary: Assist the learner in spelling their own name. How many letters are in their name?




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