Clothes Shopping

Printable Version: 10_ClothesShopping

Learning Goals:

-Learner will have a basic understanding of how to locate and purchase clothing


Materials: iPod/iPad, collection of money (real or fake), pen/paper, computer


Review: Go to to play Pocket Change – assist learner in identifying different sums of money

App: Use Money–/Count Money!/Amazing Coin (USD) to review money


Overview: The learner will need to know how to find a place to purchase clothing that is best suited to them and what kind of clothing they need.



I. Practice vocabulary

a. Can the learner identify each article of clothing that they are wearing? Review other clothing

b. What color are their clothes? Review colors

c. App: Voice Cards – practice color and clothing vocabulary

d. Phonics practice – identify the different sounds for each of the clothes identified

*Use various Phonics worksheets to build on this activity – identifying sounds in the beginning/middle/end or the missing sounds activity

II. Shopping List

a. Prep by assisting learner in creating a list of clothing they need/want to buy

b. For each item on the list, identify who the article of clothing is for (man, woman, kid?) and what size is needed; determine if color is important

c. Identify a store(s) the learner would use to purchase clothes – how do you get there? What are the store hours?

d. Using clothing at hand, look at different tags – what is the size?



I. Role-play

a. Using shopping list, prompt questions: Where can I find ____; Do you have a large? Do you have a red one?

b. Identify what a fitting room is – how do you use one and what do you do with clothes you don’t need? “Excuse me, where can I find the fitting rooms?”

c. Review mock cashier dialogue (see previous lesson)

d. How do you make a purchase with a credit/debit card?

II. Washing Clothes

a. Assist learner in reading clothing tags and understanding cleaning procedures

b. If they go to a public place to wash clothes, how do they operate the machines and pay correctly?


Summary: Sales Tax

Does the learner have an understanding of what sales tax is? How do they take this into account when making purchases?




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