Home as Classroom

Printable Version: 2_HomeAsClassroom

Additional Documents: 2_HomeVocabulary / 2_HomeVocabMatching

Learning Goals:

Learner will be able to identify the different areas of their apartment/home by creating a floor plan

– Learner will be able to identify and operate different utilities in their home

Materials: pencil/paper, worksheets, Phonics Genius app (opt.)

Review: Phonics practice – App: Phonics Genius

Overview: The learner will construct a basic understanding of their immediate surroundings and be able to operate such utilities as washer/dryer and the stove so that they can function in their home


I. Identifying rooms

a. Walk around learner’s home identifying different areas

b. For each area ask: “This is the ____. What do you do here?”

c. In each room, assist learner in recording a list of items/objects (e.g. couch, bed, lamp, etc.)

II. Sentence Review:

a. My name is ____ and I have a _______

b. Her name is ______and she has (a) _______

c. His name is _______and he has (a) ________

d. Their names are ________and they have ___________

*Use the learner-constructed list and the examples provided – practice the sentences out loud

*Note how the verb have changes to has and differences in singular and plural

III. Building Vocabulary

a. Using learner’s list (see provided worksheet as a framework), ask the learner where in their home they have each object (draw a line from the object to the correct room)

e.g. Where do you find the bed? Where do you find the couch?

IV. Contacting the Manager (if applicable)

a. If the learner has a problem with their apartment, how do they report it?

b. Paying Rent? What is a deposit and how do they get it back? Etc.


I. Create a floor plan

a. Assist the learner in drawing out a floor plan of their home – label each area accordingly

II. Utilities

a. Review where various utilities are found: e.g. stove, sink, washer/dryer, telephone, etc.

b. Does the learner understand how to operate each of the various utilities? Assist them as needed

c. If they don’t have one of the utilities in their home (e.g. washer/dryer) where can they find one? (keep in mind for the learner-constructed map)

d. Cook a meal – What food items are needed? Create a list (Prep for shopping lesson)

Summary: Using the floor plan, have the learner identify what they do in each area and what items are found there





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