Writing Addresses

Printable Version: 6_WritingAddresses

Learning Goals:

Learner will be able to identify the parts of an address, & write a complete address including their own

– Learner will be able to sketch a rough map of a specific area and identify streets and addresses of buildings important to them


Materials: blank white paper, markers/pens/pencils, iPod/Pad, phonics image worksheet, phonebook


Review: Phonics practice – Using an app or image worksheet, write all but one of the sounds for an image (e.g. picture of a ‘dog’ and you write ‘og’) – learner identifies the missing sound not the letter

App: Use any flashcard app in conjunction with this activity or google search images


Overview: Knowing how to read and understand an address as well as using an address to find a place is a crucial skill for travel in a city and finding important places like a bank or store.



I. Introductions/Dialogue

a. My name is: ____

b. I live in a/an: apartment/house/? (name of apartment complex?)

c. What other kinds of places to live are there? What did they live in back home?

II. A complete addresses

a. Model the structure of a typical address – go through and identify each part

b. Using a phonebook, have learner first write down (if able) a random address and then have them “circle” and “underline” key parts of the address – e.g. Tell them to circle the building # then underline the zip code

III. Practice saying and recording addresses

a. Give learner “pieces” of an address and have them put together the “puzzle”

e.g. The zip code is _____ The name is ______ The street is ______ The house number is _____

b. Assist the learner in identifying their own address

c. Based on progress, practice reciting full introductions including name and complete addresses

e.g. “Hello, my name is ______. I live at ____________  in ______.”



I. Construct basic maps

a. Possibilities: their apartment/house, the grocery store, kids’ school, etc.

b. Use blank paper and markers

c. Label streets and appropriate buildings

d. Identify complete addresses of appropriate buildings

*If possible, take learner outside to the site in order to help them visualize the maps



Learner writes own address and identifies parts

Where do people ask for your address? Where do you write it? Why is this important?

Identify different reasons why understanding a map is important.


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