Country Mapping

Printable Version: 8_CountryMapping

Learning Goals:

-Learner will be able to use a map to identify states, capital cities, and countries – specifically the location of their current residence and their home country


Materials: computer, iPod/iPad, paper map or globe (opt.), pencil/pens, idioms worksheet


Review: Reading/Idiom practice – Using idioms worksheet, assist learner in reading and answering the questions; conduct a google search to look for more idioms

App: Professor Pots/Grammar Express for alternative idiom review


Overview: The learner will get both a global and local perspective of their home and further their understanding of how to utilize a map



I. Basic Prepositional Phrases

a. Use small objects (e.g. pencil, box, grocery bag, etc.) to demonstrate the following: in front of, behind, next to, between, on the corner of, near, across from, on

b. Using the learner’s map (if possible), give directions to locations using the following prepositional phrases: On___ street, Near ____, Between, Across from, Next to

e.g. Sunmart is on 8th street; First International Bank is near Sunmart


II. Developing map knowledge

a. Go the and search “MapMachine” (the world map) – you will need to sign up for a free account (bring paper map/globe alternative if needed)

b. Assist learner in entering their home address and zoom out to show North Dakota/Minnesota and continue to zoom out to show US

c. Introduce simple map terms: capital cities, highway, interstate, state/country borders, etc.

d. Go over the different states and their capitals

e. Where is the learner from? Can they find it on the map? Help them as needed

f. Locate other countries and identify the different continents/oceans



I. Dream Vacation

a. Where would the learner like to travel?

b. Locate each place on a map and (if possible) do some light research

c. Have the learner write down 5 such locations

d. Assist the learner in recording 3 reasons explaining why they would like to travel to each location


Summary: How is their current home different from their first one?



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