Tutoring Apps

There are a ton of resources out there for English tutoring, but one area that has not been explored as thoroughly (and one area that we at G+L feel can be greatly beneficial) are the hundreds of apps that can be made available from a smartphone or iPod. There are practically an endless supply of apps, but the unfortunate downside is that many of these apps are not worth your time or money. G+L has sifted (and continues to sift) through the vast sea of English tutor apps to provide you with a list of useful apps that just might make the difference in your tutoring sessions.

You can find a list of useful tutoring apps under App List and, while exhaustive, is by no means comprehensive. Apps will not always work for everyone, but if you find it useful in your own personal tutoring sessions, we strongly encourage you to explore not only what we have found but find apps for your own use as well.

We will also be posting app reviews for apps we find to be exceptionally useful. You can find the reviews under App Reviews. Check back for further updates!

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